In our own arrow construction about 1,000 arrows are produced daily.

We use shafts made of wood, aluminum, carbon and a carbon-glass-fiber mixture and we manufacture standard arrows, children’s arrows, medieval arrows and LARP arrows with special cushion heads developed by us as well as high-quality individual wooden arrows. In our in-house paint shop, shafts are stained and varnished, we grind the cam and tip cones on special machines and punch feathers into the desired shapes.
In collaboration with an adhesive manufacturer, we have developed the ideal adhesives for arrow building to achieve excellent durability for our arrows. The feather adhesive tape developed by us also has its origin in our arrow construction.

Our arrow construction is characterized by high quality and performance as well as adherence to delivery dates and short delivery times.

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High-quality individual wooden arrows:

The rule of thumb in archery is: The arrow must fit to the bow and the archer. In most cases, where the arrow does not fly where it should, it is due to the lack of coordination between arrow, bow, and the archer himself.

To achieve a stable, clean arrow flight and consistent results, it is necessary to determine which arrow is the right one for the archer and his bow. The material, diameter, length and spine value of the arrow shaft must be determined as well as shape and weight of the tip. Based on this information, we can build an arrow that optimally matches your needs. You can choose other options such as feather shape and colors and the cam that matches your string.

In our online shop we have integrated an arrow configurator for individual wooden arrows which lists the required parameters and makes them available for selection. So, each archer finds the arrow that fits to him and with which he achieves good results.


High-quality individual wooden arrows:

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