Shoot like Robin Hood

The longbow has something archaic, it represents the earliest bow form. Historical drawings show archers with their longbows, also primitive people use the simple longbow for hunting. Today, many archers shoot the longbow because they appreciate its speed and extraordinary throwing properties. We offer longbows in different finishes and price classes. You can buy classic longbows from models for beginners to high-quality bows from extraordinary materials for your individual desires.

A special type of the longbows are the Twinbows, our robust Bow2 are suitable for right and left handers alike due to the both-sided arrow rests. Through the consistent further development of these powerful bows, breakage of bows is finally a thing of the past – our Bow2 are tireless and throw and throw and throw …

With this quotation, Byron Ferguson, the master of the longbow, describes his relationship to the longbow:

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„I believe the longbow has a spirit.
Much of it was, at one time, a tree standing in forest,
and any time I go back to the forest
with the longbow in my hand,
I`m actually taking it home again.“

Byron Ferguson



Beier Longbows

Beier Longbow Ebony

Beier Longbow Edge

Beier Longbow Enok

Beier Longbow Creek

Beier Longbow Pike

The classic English longbow YEOMAN, a traditional purist from our arch forge, inspires by its shot power and the soft pull-out behavior. It is intended for the robust use at LARP and looks great in the Middle Ages scene. We build the Yeoman from several layers of ash which are carefully glued together. The combination of standing and lying annual rings makes it extremely stable and gives the Yeoman its enormous shot power. With 72 inches, it has a very impressive appearance.

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