Original strongbows / rattanbows – made BY BEIER GERMANY

Robust, authentic, proven world-wide a thousand times!

In 2003, we started to build our rattan bows, the models Marksman and Gambler. Now we have acquired a comprehensive background of experience in the construction of these robust purists through constant further development and improvement. Archers around the world appreciate the quality, performance and durability of our Strongbows. For good reason, more than 1,000 rattan bows leave our warehouse every month, with tendency to rise. The trust in our products is both our claim and our commitment: therefore, our rattan bows carry our brand: BY BEIER GERMANY.

original Strongbows signYou can recognize our original Strongbows made by BEIER GERMANY with this sign.

Our Strongbows BY BEIER GERMANY are made from high quality rattan, the grass of the rotan palm. The term “rattan” comes from the Malay and is called “rotan” there, it is also known as manau or rotang.

Rattan is suitable for bow construction, because it has a special elasticity and robustness, it is extremely pliable and resistant. Because of these positive qualities, rattan is used not only in archery, but in Indonesia to build the batons for traditional combat arts like Kombatan or Bo. In the fight baton against baton rattan has the decisive advantage that it does not splinter, but it only frays out. This reduces the risk of injury in these combat sports significantly.

For us in Upper Franconia the material rattan has a long tradition anyway. On the one hand in furniture manufacture, the town of Lichtenfels is known far beyond its borders for its wicker work. Here, strips of the outer skin of the rattan shoots are used for robust wickerwork, for example for chairs. From the inside of the rattan rods, the so-called rattan reed, furniture is built.
On the other hand, rattan finds its use in the construction of bows that impress with their robustness, their authentic appearance and their excellent price/performance ratio: the Strongbows, made BY BEIER GERMANY.

Our range of bows offers the right Strongbow for every intended purpose in bow sports: whether as a low-priced beginner’s bow, for children and teenagers, or as a traditional purist in the Medieval or LARP scene. Each Marksman is equipped with a leather grip, on request also arrow rests can be incorporated, or the bow receives a black stain.

Strongbows from the arch forge BY BEIER GERMANY

In our bow construction, we use whole Manau sticks (Rattan-Staves) as blanks for our Strongbows Marksman and Gambler. A consistent quality check in the material selection is essential to get beautiful and robust Strongbows with good flying performance. Our bow constructors make the bows by hand. Here, the difference to industrially produced mass products is quickly apparent.

In the design, we focus on a straightforward simplicity. Our Strongbows are reminiscent of the bows of the medieval Marksmen – the snipers – in a consciously traditional look. With reduction to the essentials and by avoiding unnecessary equipment, you can use a Marksman to experience archery in the most original way: traditionally – simply over the back of your hand. Due to this property, our Strongbows are equally suitable for right- and left-handers. Experience the unique feeling of unity of body, bow, arrow and target with a Strongbow.

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